Your Lockin™account comes with 1 gigabyte of secure file storage. After your account excedes 1 gigabyte, you will have to purchase more storage. This information is available on our store page.
    Lockin™uses multiple layers of security. When you connect to our servers we use SSL to encrypt your stream of data going to and from our servers, we also hope to have a way to automatically route some traffic through tor to help you stay anonymous as well. Our servers are physically secure and are guarded 24/7. We use to the most up-to-date secuirty protocols to run the software we need on the servers. All of your data is encrypted and obscured during storage which means no one can see that data, including us.
    Vault™is file storage component of Lockin™. In the future we will be releasing other products under Lockin™including a search engine named "Seek" and a board based social media service named "Beacon". Overall Lockin™will become an internet platform with serveices all using our cutting edge security.
    No user, even with an administrative account cannot access any users data.


Full Vault™Tutorial

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