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What is Lockin?

Lockin™was created with goal of creating the secure internet platform of the future. In a time of uncertainty with the future and safety of the internet we want to be the constant that you can depend on not only to safely store information that matters to you but to have a place where everyone can browse, share, create, and explore without fear of compromised identy or data. The internet is ours and should always remain that way. Lockin™is here to make sure that happens. Welcome to the internet of tomorrow. Welcome to Lockin™.

USC/Columbia Incubator

Now partnered with USC/Columbia Incubator and SCRA.


A tech enthusiast with a computer science degree, skilled in leadership, communication and organization.


Coding at a young age and passionate about security and the next big innovation in web technology.


Head of Public Relations
Heavily involved in the university community and interested in the different industries of technology.


Learning the fundamentals of business and sales, while still pursuing technical skills.

Social Media